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Gary Vee is an American entrepreneur from Belorussia. He was born there and raised in New Jersey, USA. His father came here with his family to live the American Dream with no more than $100 in his pocket. He started from nothing and worked hard to open his liquor store. He is, without doubt, the one who inspired the state of mind of Gary and his achievement culture. Thereby, Gary grew up with the idea that you have to fight to achieve your goals because, after all, you only live once! At the same time, it reminds me of the thoughts of Malcolm Fraser : « Life wasn’t meant to be easy ».

 Sometimes people are just too lazy to leave their comfort zone and to make things happen. But I think, like Gary, that you have to find yourself and to figure out how becoming successful. It’s not about luck, it’s about working hard, ideas and work-life balance – that’s what you have to focus on. Indeed, like they said in the interview « Gary just got into where he is and he took an idea – which you can almost apply to everything – and turned it into something huge ». He created the « Wine Library », which is an online wine retailer offering a variety of ratings, reviews, tasting notes, recommendations and information on the different products they sell. So, we can say that he turned a simple idea into something special and original, and it works!

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 This interview is really inspiring and motivating! This man knows exactly the words to use, his speech and tips are very clear and he gives us the motivation to move on. When he talked about « leaving his comfort zone », I directly thought about my own experience. Actually, a few months ago, I myself have left my comfort zone and took a considerable risk by quitting the job I had for 6 years. I decided to move to New York to improve my English and to find my own way. I would never regret this decision. I strongly believe that when you feel stuck on a routine and don’t feel that good in what you are doing, you have to find out how you can make your horizon brighter. If you never try, you never know! And there is no mistake, only improvement for yourself. First, when you find an idea that makes you smile, it’s already a good start, and you know what? I smile when I am thinking about living and having a job in Manhattan. I wish everybody could find his way and to achieve his dreams, it’s an amazing feeling. Of course I can not say that it’s already done for me because I am still working on it but I trust the Universe and I am sure it will help me to succeed in my field, no matter what. « If you do the right things, the right things happen! »

Gary Vee’s Interview

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