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I arrived in this lovely town called Tarrytown on a snowy day in April. The first thing I fell in love with was the view I had from my room at the EF Campus – a stunning panorama over the Hudson River with all the nature surrounding it. At this time I knew that this experience would change my life but I didn’t know how yet.

IMG_0814I must confess that living on a campus with an international community when you are 27 years old, was quite weird at the beginning. It’s what we called a « culture shock ». You discover hundreds of other thoughts, other ways to feel and to live things. Each country is so special with its state of mind, its habits, its beliefs, etc. So, your first instinct is to stay with people from your country or your continent, like Europe for me. Then you realize that it’s so interesting to discover other cultures even if you don’t agree on each point of view. Trust me, having dinner with 5 or 6 different countries at the same time is amazing, colorful, and inspiring. So much to learn from each other.

I definitely can say that I met people here who changed my life. They made me think differently about lifestyles, community life, relationships, etc. But the most important thing is I can see myself through their eyes and actually I start to really like what I’m seeing; a girl who knows now who she is, what she wants to do in the future, where she wants to live, and how true friends can believe in you. I grew up with them by my side and I have learnt so much! They pushed me to make things happen and I will always be grateful for what they taught me; my new sisters, my guy friends, my teachers, and all the people I have been close to or not.


-Live – Love – Laugh –  Always…


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