Summer means Wedding Season <3

Isn’t it the best season of the year to celebrate something ? What’s better than a sunny and warm day of summer to attend a beautiful wedding ? This is the right occasion to wear a light and flying maxi dress, feathers or flowers in the hair! The pastel colors are my favorite, and I think that black dresses should be banished .Through this post, I’d like to introduce to you my favorite brand to wear during those big occasions: the Australian Sabo Skirt. Down the post, you will find a selection of the nicest outfits to attend a wedding the right way.

A year ago, I discovered the little treasure Sabo Skirt on Instagram, like their 1,6 millions other followers. Thessy & Yiota, the designers of the brand are the two Australian girls who have built this fabulous online fashion.

With an inspirational bohemian style, delicate fabrics and very feminine forms, it became the number one for an elegant, refined and an original look. Inspired by the stunning beaches of Australia, you will find all kind of garments from the relax short pants to the bridesmaid dress. Veil, silk, velvet, lace,  each fabric is well-chosen to be gorgeous on a woman’s body. The colors are more often pastels like light pink, peach, grey, lila, cream, and white. It gives a pure and sunny mood to the whole line. They recently developed some other ranges of the brand: Sabo Luxe, Sport Luxe, Sabo Formal and Sabo Sleep.

I had a crush myself for a fabulous light pink dress which I ordered to attend to my friend’s wedding. The bridesmaids had to dress in pink so it was the perfect match! The dress has two long straps that you can attach in different ways, so it’s like having three dresses in only one! I’ve been delivered in New York within one week and the worldwide shipping is free over $120.

But my biggest surprise was to discover their SS2017 collection during the first fashion show I attended at the NYFW. I had the chance to see the new items exclusively on the runway and I directly recognized their signature by their shades of pure white and light pink. This beautiful collection is still available on the website, so don’t miss it!  Here is my video of the catwalk:  NYFW 2017 -Sabo Skirt

Some ideas from Sabo Skirt:















Some ideas from SheIn, the cheapest way : is a Chinese website where you can often find beautiful little things at the smallest price ever! But sometimes you can be disappointed by the quality or the size… So pay attention to the fabric description and the measurement referred next to the picture when you place an order.

My yellow boho dress from – US$ 21,59  last summer – Size XS


And if you are not satisfied yet, Asos is always a good idea!

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