Dusk in the city

Of course Fashion got my heart… but I have 2 other passions in life: skyscrapers and sunsets!

Walking down the streets, looking up, was already my thing when I was living in NYC. The buildings are so tall! It could have been a bit scary at first sight but actually I felt directly like protected?!  You know the sensation you’ve got when you feel reassured because there is something huge and stronger around you that seems unbreakable? Suddenly, everything looks possible… You really feel carried by this power! That’s why I love big cities; the effervescence, the crowd, the noise, … I need this energy to be awake, open-minded, creative and ready to undertake every challenge!

Downtown Vancouver is smaller than Manhattan of course, but I can feel almost the same vibes here!

Here are some pictures I shot at my favorite moment of the day: dusk.

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