On Granville Island

Vancouver is a city full of surprises! Every single day I discover new places; coffee shops, trendy food spots, colorful painted walls…

Right between Downtown and Kitsilano, there is a little island named Granville Island. You can take an aqua bus to get there, it’s $6 CAD round trip from Downtown (Hornby St), or you can just cross the Granville bridge, but it takes a bit longer.

Granville Island is like a little village, colorful and quiet. It’s really nice to go for diner because many good restaurants are located there, like The Keg, The Sandbar Seafood, etc. We went to The Vancouver Fish Company because I wanted to try the Ahi Tuna, which is cooked blue-rare and OMG that was amazing! With Humboldt Squid as appetizers, it was perfect! I definitely recommend you this place!

Also, there is an international food market nearby the sea, where there is all kind of specialties from Italy, France, China, Japan, Vietnam,… Personally, I love Vietnamese food so if you do too, make sure you try « Chau – Veggiexpress », a plant-based Vietnamese eatery. Their soups are soooo good! And there are benches outside, so you can pick up your food and eat outside enjoying the wonderful view on downtown, the sea and the marina.

The mood on Granville Island is really artistic, the houses are in all kind of colors, walls are painted like pieces of art and there is even an art school! During summer, outdoor and indoor theater festivals are organized and often at the same time as a bunch of concerts.

But the cutest things ever on this island, are probably the floating houses. It’s so sweet to imagine real families living there! It looks a bit like the villages of Disney World!

Another way for hanging out  in the city.

Chau Veggiexpress food with a view!

Those little cute float houses though!

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