VFW Day 1 – Meet Charly !

Working as a Backstage Coordinator & Stylist at the VFW last September was incredible! I got the chance to meet many fashion designers from around the world. Charly Thorn is one of my faves! 18 yo talented Australian designer, it was an enchantment to be working with her, helping her making her first show in Canada perfect. Her spring/summer 2018 collection is flawless; strong colors meeting pure white chiffon, beautiful and high quality fabrics, jungle prints, … you can directly feel the positive and artistic Australian vibes out of it! A sun drenched mood that makes you wanna go back there with her, and wearing one of her creations, of course!

27Springs  What’s the mood of this collection?

Charly Thorn  This collection was inspired by my childhood. I spent half of my childhood (the summer season) on Hamilton Island in the Whitsundays, I would then return to Cooma (my home town in rural Australia) for the winter season. I spent a lot of time sailing with my parents, and I think the resort  lifestyle influenced my designs. I also wanted to use a high-quality fabric to highlight the resort style, the printed fabric is 100% linen and I had it printed  in Sydney. I also used 100% Australian Merino Wool (the teal fabric) and 100% Silk Chiffon (the white fabric). I am very happy to be showing Australian Wool once again on the catwalk as it a fiber I am very connected to.

27Springs  You’re so young! What are your plans for the future?

Charly Thorn  I’m not sure where I’ll be next year, all I want to do is keep learning. I will be applying for scholarships, internships and fashion colleges worldwide and see what doors open for me. I am very interested in studying fashion and business. 

27Springs  Wish you best of luck, Charly! <3

Much more on her website !

Image credits : Arun Nevader

Image credits : Arun Nevader

Image credits : Arun Nevader

Behind the scene …

After show in backstage

Vancouver Fashion Week, September 18,  2017, Canada.

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