The last fav’ of the VFW

The last day was definitely an apotheosis! Young and bold talented designers were rocking the shows with their extravagant and revolutionary collections. Outrageous shapes, strong colors, visionary state of mind, I feel that I’ve met the next generation of determined fashion designers!

Kim Tiziana Rottmüller, from Germany! She is 23 yo and studied Fashion Design in Florence, Italy. Her collection BITTERSWEET is a surrealist combination between the PRISON and the BARBIE DOLLS. According to her: « The opposite of black for me is not white- it’s pink ! »

Hannah Kliewer is a brand new fashion from Hamburg, Germany. Her SS2018 collection Steife Brise is my favorite men’s collection of the VFW. You really feel the European style and typically the German Hipster mood, and I like that! Feels like walking in the streets of Amsterdam or Berlin! Good luck my dear Hannah <3

Credits: Arun Nevader for Getty Images

Credits: Arun Nevader for Getty Images

Good vibes in backstage!

Berliner like ?

Super comfy sweater

Germano – Canadian style!

Hannah & her boyz

This crazy designer is actually very friendly! I met A D A M, over stressed in backstage because his collection was stuck somewhere between Montreal and Vancouver, a few days before the show. Super funny guy with an accurate vision of fashion. Even if his collection was very dark, we had such a good time with his team in backstage! Good mood, jokes, we laughed, we cried, that was intense. The collection is the traduction of his feelings and state of mind at the time he revealed his sexual orientation. It’s called Pursuit  and this is from Vancouver!

Credits: Arun Nevader for Getty Images

Credits: Arun Nevader for Getty Images

The handsome Austin!

The dark crew…

Good times with Adam!

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