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Testimony of a dreamer, a believer, an achiever…

You know, sometimes you have to break the rules, move your ass, push back your limits as far as you can. It might be scary at first, but getting out your comfort zone will definitely open your mind and change the way you think, the way you can feel about people, the way you consider life and the way you may enjoy it. Discovering new cultures, meeting new people, speaking a different language, it brings you so much more than you could even imagine. It’s like feeling richer; you receive so much, its like a gift! You will have new perspectives, a new state of mind, the world around you won’t look the same anymore.

That’s why I want to encourage you to travel! Don’t think you won’t have the chance to change your destiny… It’s yours, you own it! If you don’t feel happy in your current situation anymore, don’t get stuck in it! Push yourself and try to figure out what could make you happier; another job, a healthier lifestyle, another place to live, other people around you, more relaxing free times or more adrenaline rush, … But don’t think it’s done or that you can’t do anything about it, because you will ruin your opportunities to renew yourself.

I’ve realized through those travels that nothing is fixed or meant to last forever. Humans need changes and need to be challenged to improve themselves and feel things truly. Love happens but can disappear, a stranger could become your best friend, you thought you were doing the job of your dreams but your dreams have changed for some reasons, etc. Sometimes you can even find out that you have a twin somewhere; same ideas, same look, same professional experience, same tastes , … That’s crazy but believe me, it happens! 🙂

Never forget that taking risks is worth it and you won’t regret it. Anyway don’t look back because you’re not going this way! Of course it’s not gonna be easy. There are bad days when nothing goes right, in that case, just go left! You have to make the most out of every little things. First, try to look at the situation differently because there are so many ways to solve a problem.

This post has been inspired by the wonderful views I got the chance to admire during my stay in BC. A day that I got out of my comfort zone, wearing clothes and equipment that I’ve never worn, meeting people from a world that I didn’t even know about before, going somewhere where not many people are allowed to go to, exploring an universe so much different than mine… Okay, I was a bit scared at the beginning (mostly when I boarded on a beaver for the first time) and I didn’t know what to expect but it was incredible and so much worth it ! I’m really grateful for that and would like to thank the best friend I’ve ever had for this unforgettable journey <3.

Your dreams aren’t that far! (Pic taken aboard the ferry from Vancouver to Vancouver Island )

Copilot of the day 😛

Hardwicke Island

Look of the day 😀

Morning ride!

The floating camp of Scott Cove

A casual lunch break view…

A big moment in my life …

One of the most amazing view I got the chance to see until now!

Our ride back home! An old yellow beaver just like in Tintin!!

Hope you enjoyed the journey as much as I did <3


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