Coachella kind of vibes

The Coachella Music Festival is my favorite. Not only a music event, it’s also a fashion, art and design exhibition. The atmosphere is very inspiring; statues, design constructions, colors everywhere, even the garbage cans are customized to be arty and beautiful. Hundreds of incredible performers and artists make this moment unforgettable and there are always surprising guests to set the crowd on fire more and more .

I got the chance to enjoy this amazing experience in April 2016, a huge goal achieved. I laugh, I danced, I sang, I even cried! this was so huge and full of joy… It feels like your heart was about to explode! Definitely the festival I’ve even gone! And I will go back there again, that’s for sure.

What I enjoyed the most is how fashion is represented everywhere around there! People dress so much like cowboys and bohemians. Definitely my kind of like! Can you imagine the craziest costumes ; a mix of a desert fairy and a princess from the future? So much creativity!

Through this post, i’d like to share with you my favorite outfits of this season 2018. Waiting to go back there again… Fingers crossed!

What a crew!

This girl rocks!

Like an angel

Tezenis was there!

I want the same coat OMG

Face gems goals


“Shine bright like a diamond”

It’s all about details


Dressed by the Australien brand Spell Byron Bay

MakeUp is everything


Bohemian chic

Incredible gypsy! love the necklace

So much creativity!

Hippie chic



My fav

Total Look Zara

Amazing kimono

Princess from the future

The VS Angels were there!

Outfit from Primark

Gems baby!

Everything is from Primark! Can you believe that?

Frederica – French blogger – looking gorgeous in an Australian Cowgirl outfit !

This Kimono tho…

Milky rocked it !

Our fav Belgian Girl!

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