Dreaming of Californian road trips, we were inspired here by the colors and the desert atmosphere . The water is turquoise just like a lagoon, it’s quiet, you can hear thousands of little birds singing, so peaceful!

We went there early morning to be sure that nobody’s tanning on the shore like if it was an actual beach… Yeah, unfortunately, many people go there to make barbecues and “pool day” parties — even if going in the water is forbidden!  Sadly, they leave their garbages everywhere. We even had to remove some old cans while taking some pictures, that’s the behind the scenes part…

But whatever, it’s been a while that I wanted to do a photo shoot with that kind of bohemian-warrior outfit, and the quarry of Chanxhe really looks like an American movie set! So here we are, my friend Donna and I, shooting all morning like if we were in a Hollywood western movie. That was so cool!

Oh hey! Have you met Donna? She is a talented photographer full of new ideas! I met her when I was working at Primark here in Belgium. Creative and super funny, we directly got along. It’s already our second photo shoot together and trust me it’s just the beginning of this new collaboration! You must go visit her blog (click here) !

Outfit details: Incredible coat Zara (here) – Top Zara (old co) – Black short Zara (here) – Boots Primark (old co)

Pictures by Donatienne Vandember, @donnamaow on Instagram.


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