My mum called me Aurora because I was born on an early spring morning. Maybe that’s why I have always been inspired and passionate about the sunrise and the sunset. I love looking at the sky and his thousand different shades; orange, pink, yellow, purple, etc. It makes me dream! I’m what we could call a “Sky Lover”.
Since I was a child I always wanted to busy myself with drawings, writing, scrapbooking, etc. I was also making the clothes for my Barbie dolls when I was 10; glue, little pieces of fabric, ribbons, plastic stones, everything I could find was used to create new silhouettes. That’s the moment when I decided to become a fashion designer instead of a princess or architect.
A fashion designer for 6 years now, I have created many women, men and kids collections for a colorful casual fashion brand in Belgium. But I’ve still had this desire to travel and to open my mind to a new world and especially the United States. For instance, my inspiration for summer collections was usually California which allowed me to dream while I was working.
I have started this blog when I was living in New York in 2016. New York City is for me one of the most interesting cities in the world for both fashion and art. Of course I fell in love! Even if my style and state of mind are still “Boho/Hippy”, I discovered new ideas, new atmospheres, new styles and inspirations every single day since the beginning. And  I’ve got this impression that I won’t have enough of my all life to enjoy all the possibilities of this amazing city. Moreover, this stunning place never sleeps and it totally fits my hard-working personality. Many people there have 2 days-times in one day and you will never see anybody without a coffee “to go” in his hand. The funny thing is that I started drinking coffee also after spending one month in this new life even if before I couldn’t drink a sip!
Improving my English was an important goal I wanted to achieve for my future. Now I’m looking for a job in my field in North America to live one of my biggest dreams. Indeed I’m used to seeing my creations worn by people in the streets of Europe and it’s for sure the most magical thing about my job! So, I’m currently working on new opportunities and new adventures. For sure I will keep you posted!
My motto: Dream – Believe – Achieve.